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Drug Rehab in Columbia, TN

If you’re going through drug abuse, what you need now more than ever is a group of individuals who will care and with you to create a customized addiction treatment plan. That is what our drug rehab center in Columbia, Tennessee is best at. Our employees are not only highly trained, they are highly compassionate and experienced. Parker Recovery believes those two things go hand-in-hand.

Apart of your customized addiction treatment program will be dual diagnosis mental health treatment. You need a proper diagnosis to understand what you are actually going through and what you need to do to overcome it. Nearly half of the people we treat are not just going through an addiction, they are also going through a mental health issue. To fully beat addiction, we need to get down to the core problems.

You will begin this treatment during individual sessions with a personal counselor. Here in one-on-one sessions you will work with your therapist to discover your core issues and work past them. During this time, you will share your story and receive adequate professional advice and guidance.

Therapy is also conducted in group settings. With your peers at our Columbia addiction treatment clinic you will listen to each other’s challenges, vent your problems, and exchange insightful advice that only someone going through addiction can provide. You will know that you are not alone in this struggle. All of the people here will be there for you. Empathy and compassion and are priceless, and you will find them in group therapy.

Even when you go to leave, you will depart with the love and support of everyone you have met. Not only will you go with the assistance of your peers, you will do so with the guidance and counseling of our employees. You will never be alone when you come to our addiction treatment facility in Columbia. You will have everything you need. Aftercare is the most crucial period of addiction recovery and it will be taken care of carefully. Whatever you need for success, we can help provide.

What are you waiting for? You don’t need to do this by yourself any longer. You can have freedom. All you have to do to get started is call our addiction recovery facility in Columbia, and we will begin setting up an appointment for your free consultation. Once you’re in our center, you will see that this the perfect environment for healing and recovery.