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Drug Rehab in San Mateo, CA

Finding Reliable Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

At Parker Recovery addiction recovery center in San Mateo, California we understand the need for our clients to recover in a clean and supportive environment. Our drug rehab facility offers privacy and the respect that clients require during these vulnerable periods to ensure that they can overcome addiction. Experts at our substance abuse treatment facility are available around the clock to provide a smooth transition back to healthy living.

Typically, our rehabilitation process includes assessment, detox, therapy, and aftercare. Assessment involves determining the extent and nature of the addiction and coming up with an effective treatment plan. The client is interviewed regarding their history with addiction to get insights into the problem and develop a good treatment plan.

Detox is essential to help the client stop using their substance of choice and flush any remaining toxins out of the body. Supervised detox also helps with the management of withdrawal symptoms. The role of therapy in rehab is the identification of addiction triggers, providing tools to battle addiction, and to help transition to aftercare.

Aftercare is ideally the most critical step in the rehab process to prevent relapses. It assists in bolstering a successful transition into everyday life, building on therapeutic progress, and teaching skills and coping strategies to avoid relapse.

Co-occurring mental health conditions can complicate substance abuse. It is vital to recognize that these disorders overlap and treatment should be integrated to offer the best chance at recovery success. Standardized treatment is not enough, and this is why Parker Recovery addiction recovery facility gives clients specifically structured dual diagnosis treatments for mental health disorders and addiction.

Many forms of detox are used in our addiction recovery program at Parker Recovery. However, rehab is not a pleasant experience for anyone going through addiction recovery. The first consideration when looking for support is supervised detox. At our San Mateo, California facility, the client is guaranteed to receive supervision to ensure that they receive guidance, and that they get a safe and supportive recovery environment.

Specialized treatment accounts for the fact that a client has individual goals, desires, strengths, and needs. As a result, individualized therapy requires the client be actively involved throughout the recovery process. At Parker Recovery, our San Mateo, California addiction treatment facility, treatment plans are agreed on, documented, and distributed to all the people involved in the specific client's treatment. Reviews are conducted periodically to monitor the recovery process of the client.

Most people battling addiction will live in denial and self-deception to keep justifying their actions. The main reason a person in recovery will be dishonest is the fear of the consequences of their actions. The problem with not being honest is that it usually produces short-term solutions and becomes a habit. We advocate for honesty in our treatments and strive to make our clients as comfortable as possible to be able to share their experiences with us.

Honesty, especially to oneself, is a critical step in addiction recovery, since it reduces the risk of relapse and gives one many positive reasons to stay away from harmful substances. Honesty also ensures that the client does not question the value of being sober. As a result, they can easily abstain from drugs and alcohol. We encourage every client who enrolls in the addiction recovery program at Parker Recovery to be honest with themselves and with our staff.