Drug Rehab in Pensacola, FL

Left unchecked, drug addiction can create total havoc in the user's life. The simple truth is drug addiction is an illness. We can provide the treatment you need to attain your recovery goals here at Parker Recovery. When a client is ready to ask for the help they need to attain recovery, there's really only one place to turn. At our Pensacola, Florida substance abuse treatment facility, we can offer you the support you need.

The Addiction Treatment Process

The idea of going into a residential addiction recovery program can be very daunting. If it's the client’s first time seeking help, they likely have no idea what to expect. The following information should give clients and family members a clearer understanding of what transpires in the addiction recovery program here at Parker Recovery in Pensacola, Florida.

At our addiction recovery center in Pensacola, Florida, we put a lot of emphasis on the entrance interview. Many other facilities surely do the same thing. We want a clear understanding of where the client is in their addiction. Addiction recovery can be a complicated process. We need details about the specifics of your condition to help us prevent missing any steps as we concoct an addiction recovery treatment program.

When necessary, we ask our clients to go through the process of supervised detox in our Pensacola, Florida drug detox clinic. Any attempts to suddenly stop using drugs can produce some rather dangerous withdrawal symptoms. With the monitored detox program here at Parker Recovery, clients get the opportunity to make it through the symptoms of withdrawal in a safe and controlled environment. Why is this so important? It's very difficult to focus on therapy when the body and mind still have cravings. Detox helps to eliminate cravings, leaving the client with a clearer mind and body.

During supervised detox, clients will work with professional and experienced counselors. The objective of therapy is two-fold. First, the client needs to learn the truth about their addiction. This knowledge is important because it helps to point out triggers and temptations. To achieve this most important objective, clients need to be very open and honest. It's the only way to get at the truth.

Sometimes, counselors diagnose a client with a co-occurring disorder. When a client struggles with both addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, they need support to attain recovery. Our Pensacola, Florida drug rehab center offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment for such cases. At Parker Recovery addiction treatment facility, we have the tools you need to attain your recovery goals. It's critical to treat both disorders at the same time to prevent one from affecting the other.

The second objective is teaching clients proper coping skills. Out on the streets, they may encounter stressful situations and familiar faces. With a solid set of coping skills, clients stand a better chance of avoiding relapses. They have to do that one day at a time, and our experts will be by their side for every step of their recovery journey.

Aftercare Treatment

After departing from our Pensacola, Florida addiction treatment center, the client will leave Parker Recovery drug rehab clinic. Our addiction treatment facility will make sure our clients are leaving fully aware of resources they can use should the ground gets shaky under their feet.